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Camp Miami Beach WWII
From 1942 to 1945 Miami Beach played a significant role in WWII. Nearly 500,000 men, including matinee-idol Clark Gable, took over 300 hotels and buildings for housing and training headquarters under the Army Air Forces Technical Training Command. By the time the war ended, one-fourth of all Army Air Force officers and one-fifth of the Air Corps' enlisted men had been trained in "the most beautiful boot camp in America''—Miami Beach

Miami Beach History from the City of Miami Beach website
Miami Beach history and helpful resources.

Miami Beach: America's Tropical Resort
Glorious sun…miles of sandy beaches…stylish hotels…dazzling nightlife…beautiful people …this is Miami Beach, “America’s Year ‘Round Playground.” Tour the past exhibition at the Historical Museum to revisit the glamorous story of how a mangrove-covered sandbar was transformed into Miami Beach: America’s Tropical Resort.

Rebirth of the Royal: A History of the Royal South Beach Hotel
Read the article by Judith Berson-Levinson, Ed.D. to learn about one special hotel.